Our Staff

Dr. Pat GibsonDr. Pat Gibson

Dr Gibson brings well over 25 years of experience to her multidimensional wellness practice. She evaluates each client and their issue individually from a comprehensive mind, body and spirit approach with the belief that there are many things contributing to the creation of a problem, not just one. With that in mind, she believes all must be addressed to truly create wellness as opposed to just getting better. In addition to the chiropractic care she provides she brings a rich experience of treating sport related injuries and trauma as well as a strong nutritional background.

Debra ShefterDebra Shefter, Massage Therapist

Debra Shefter studied massage at The Atlanta School of Massage in Atlanta, GA, graduating in March 1989. She is licensed in Georgia and certified in Deep Tissue and Prenatal massage.

Based on her training and years of experience in a wide variety of modalities Debra has developed her own massage style, which is a combination of Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Swedish, and Myofascial Release (stretching of the connective tissue layer, making room for proper muscle alignment) therapies, that offers a restful but deep and effective treatment.

Kimberly DavisKim Davis

Through her 30 plus years of experience, Kim Davis has developed a way to intuitively connect with her clients and has a passion for trouble shooting pain and restrictions in the body.

Kim specializes in Zero Balancing, Cranial Sacral, Lymph Drainage and Fluid Dynamics of the Brain, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular and Nutritional Coaching.

Her hours are Monday-Friday. To make appt please contact her at: 404-501-9202 / EMAIL KIM DAVIS

Julie MoorJulie Moor

Office Manager

Beth Mahaney

Book Keeping / Accounting

Dana YoungDana Young

Dana Young is a Reiki Master Teacher, life coach and spiritual director. Her goal is to accompany others on their journey to improved health, empowerment and meaningful life transformation through these healing arts.

Dana’s work focuses on how energy directly influences our emotional, physical and spiritual well-being, helping clients to restore balance. Many who come for Reiki are seeking emotional healing, including relief from stress, anxiety or depression. Others want help managing symptoms of chronic health conditions. As a complementary therapy, Reiki can help people feel more centered and empowered in their own healing process, and it also supports conventional Western medical and therapeutic treatment.

Dana teaches Reiki classes, offers life coaching sessions, and leads spiritual formation and development groups.


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