Sinus Trigger Points

By April 14, 2022Body

Sinus Trigger Points

There is nothing quite like the beauty that comes with spring in Atlanta. However, along with it comes a heavy dose of pollen leaving behind in it’s wake runny noses, watery eyes, congestion, and nasal stuffiness.

Acupressure has effectively been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Acupressure uses pressure points to send a signal to your body to activate and establish balance and improve health throughout the body. For years I have been sharing trigger points for the sinuses that help to drain the sinus cavities and alleviate some of these symptoms. They are easy to perform and effective in helping to reduce sinus pressure.

Sinus Trigger PointsTo make use of these trigger points I have enclosed the following diagram to make it easier to locate where to apply pressure. The pressure that you apply need not be forceful or hard enough that it causes significant pain. That said your pressure should be a gentle yet firm touch. It may feel slightly uncomfortable but should not cause significant pain.

To perform the treatment, you will start by applying pressure to point one by placing a thumb on each side of the top of the nose and apply an upward pressure for about ten to 15 seconds.

Next apply pressure to the 2nd point but this time the pressure is directed in towards the center of your head. This point is found easily by locating the outside of your eye and dropping down to just under your cheek bone. One or both sides may feel tender.

The third and last point can be located at the outside of the nose where it meets your face. You will again apply pressure in towards the center of your head.

After you have applied pressure to all three points next locate what would be analogous to the “adams apple” in a man and gently wiggle it back and forth for about 5-10 seconds.

You may start to feel drainage in the back of your throat and this is normal. These are the sinus cavities draining the mucous which is what was causing your congestion and pressure.

Other things that may help with your symptoms include Netty Pot nasal wash, Allerplex, Antronex and many others oral supplements. As always talk to your doctor before starting any new program to avoid conflicts with other treatments or medications.

Despite whatever symptoms you may be experiencing I hope you are able to enjoy the glory of what we are privileged to witness as spring in Atlanta.

Wishing you a joyous and beautiful spring, Dr.Pat