What is a nutritional evaluation?

Many people take a handful of vitamins everyday without understanding why or even knowing if they need them. During a nutritional evaluation we determine exactly what it is that YOUR body specifically needs. We assess if there are any foods sensitivities, environmental pollutants or chemicals that may be at the root of your issues and then make a plan for eliminating and dealing with the problem. This is especially helpful for those of you who have tried multiple approaches with very limited success. There is often an underlying hidden issue that prevents you from attaining your goals.

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“I began seeing Dr. Pat Gibson in September 2011 after experiencing months of continuous migraine headaches, vomiting, joint pain and poor sleep. I was seeing a neurologist and rheumatologist and the symptoms for the joint pain were decreasing but a friend suggested Dr. Gibson for a nutrition consult. Dr. Gibson performed allergy testing and determined that gluten, petroleum products, and formaldehyde were an issue for me and suggested several alternatives and I chose a purification regime, did it, and have had life changing results that include: sleeping well, decreased joint pain, significant decrease in migraines, no more vomiting and nausea, and weight loss. I had been on a very regimented weight loss eating plan for 1.5 years and had only lost 5 pounds. In the last 2 months I have lost 22 pounds, without the severe regiment, by simply staying on the gluten free eating plan and staying clear of dairy and sugar. My thinking is sharper and one friend said “It’s like you show up in techicolor now!” I have a renewed vitality that has opened my life to participating with confidence at work and with my family and friends.”

Life is good, God is good.
Kay W., Decatur, GA